Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Arizona Crawfish Company

Welcome to the official Arizona Crawfish Company blog! Here you will find updates to upcoming events, boils and real-time trapping reports from lakes all across Arizona.

Whether you enjoy crawfish in the Cajun family traditional setting with family, friends or complete strangers; as a tasteful compliment to a meal; or simply bait for your fishing outings. Crawfish are a resource for as many types of people as there are species of crawfish.

Here in Arizona crawfish have as many uses, both economical and culinary, as they do in Louisiana but most folks don't know it. Countless times we have been lakeside on one of Arizona's many water reservoirs with traps full of crawfish and surrounded by people intrigued with the sacks of crawfish we are carrying back to our trucks where the boiling pot and the day's catch await us. More often than not folks stick around to see the harvest of crawfish, learn the art of peeling and enjoy the taste of the world's greatest kept secret in freshwater...crawfish! Even the greatest skeptics alive who are intimidated by their look, their claws, or "sucking their heads" start coming around to the joys of crawfish after their first bite!

Crawfish are not only great for breaking social barriers as you eat and enjoy, they are a main source of life to the Cajun people. Like all things in the Cajun culture, crawfish were meant to be shared just like the culture's "joie de vivre."

And so with the infestation for crawfish into the Arizona waterways and two mis-placed Cajuns who have called Arizona their home for over 15 years, enter Arizona Crawfish Company whose soul purpose is to promote the enjoyment and fellowship of the Cajun lifestyle that can only be found around supper time in good company with a mess full of hot, spicy crawfish steaming on the table. We leave you with a few simple words as old as the southern hospitality and sincere as the morning dew: "y'all come back now ya' hear!?"

The Arizona Crawfish Company Family

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