Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cajun Practical Joking! Trapping Log: July 24th, 2010

How does one desert R.C.A. (Registered CoonAss) torture another? By sending picture texts of all the crawfish he is catching to the other stuck working in the office. Boudreaux set out Friday afternoon to trap crawfish for a private party featuing a live crawfish boil. While setting traps with his trusty Chocolate Lab Phoenix, and alone with his thoughts, he got the notion to amused himself by sending picture texts of his successful trapping adventure to Romey at work. Knowing full well that Romey would much rather be out in nature and setting crawfish traps than behind a desk, Boudreaux roared with laughter thinking of what Romey's reaction must be with each new picture text he received.

At the end of his trapping session, Boudreaux pulled over 80 pounds of crawfish out of Goldwater Lake.

Averaged out Boudreaux trapped 4.7 pounds per trap in a 16 hour window...We do believe that is another Arizona Crawfish Trapping record! We have not found any state or Game & Fish documents that keeps such records so stay tuned as that will soon be featured on our website! There are a few notable difference's that attributed to the success of this trip over our July 4th log:
  1. Foot Traffic: Unlike our July 4th weekend, Boudreaux had the lake almost all to himself which allowed the traps to be completely undisturbed while submerged.
  2. The use of our crawfish bait that was delivered earlier this week which maintains scent and form in the traps for longer periods of time than other forms of bait i.e. raw chicken, canned cat food, etc.

Congratulations on the safe & successful trapping trip, but look out! Romey is coming for you Boudreaux...

Thank you for your support. Y'all come back now ya' hear!?

The Arizona Crawfish Company Family

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