Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crawfish Report-Bartlett Lake

This picture was sent via text to Bobby's lovely wife, Sabrina, from some friends who spent the weekend at Bartlett Lake's SB Cove camp ground.

Romey's only trapped below the Mogollon Rim twice. Once in Canyon Lake once back in 1998 and again at Alamo Lake in 2011. Between the two trips, one catfish and one crawfish was all that was yielded and again why we stick to the high country for crawfish trapping.

The report we received with this photo stated "there were so many (crawfish) the kids wouldn't go in the water!" Now we've come to learn over the years our definition of "a lot of crawfish" compared to anyone who has never been to a Louisiana Crawfish Pond or Boil are completely different. However, judging by the size of this crawfish and the word that bass are biting, may just be enough for us to try a third trip to a desert lake...

Where are you seeing crawfish? Email us at arizonacrawfishco@gmail.com and we'll share your report!


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