Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Cajun Humor - A Round For Everybody

A Round For Everybody

My friend Thibodeaux, and I were sitting in the local bar enjoying a beer and joking around.
            In walks our buddy, Boudreaux. He walks up to the bar and tells the bartender in a loud voice: “Bartender, a round of drinks for everyone and get you one, too.”
            The bartender fixed everyone in the house a drink and also on for himself.
            Before long, Boudreaux shouted again, “Bartender, get everybody a drink and get you one, too!”
            The bartender got busy fixing everyone a drink, including himself. After he finished, he walked up to Boudreaux and said, “Boudreaux, that will be $62.50.”
            “Huh?” Boudreaux said. “I ain’t got no money.”
            “No money? What are you doing ordering rounds of drinks for everybody when you can’t pay for it?”
            “I was just being nice,” replied Boudreaux.
            The bartender let Boudreaux have a left hook right in the nose. When Boudreaux came to, he slowly stood up, dusted himself off and leaned on the bar.
            “Bartender,” he hollered, “Get everybody a drink! And you…you can’t have one. You’re too mean when you drink.”

Source: Cajun Spices for the Mind by Larry Leger & Murray Conque


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